Concrete is basically an artificial rock which is created by a combination of sand, gravel, water and cement. The quality of concrete depends on the composition and the addition of additives….

Concrete is therefore subject to external influences, as a result of which concrete loses its strength and effectiveness in the long run and concrete rot is created. The result of this is that the concrete tears and eventually breaks.

DC-Hardener is highly recommended for the treatment of concrete floors and walls, and in all kinds of building projects to bring out the preservation of concrete. DC-Hardener concrete protection can be used on both indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. Also for the construction of new floors and walls, or renovation and / or damage on old / existing floors and walls.
DC-Hardener is an impregnating agent that makes the concrete acid and chemicals perpetuated. DC-Hardener is liquid-proof and heat-resistant. DC-Hardener also makes the concrete 34.8% harder on average and doubles its life span!

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