DC Impregneer is a moisture-regulating impregnating agent that protects facades and roof surfaces against rising moisture and thus prevents moss and / or algae from fouling on facades and roof surfaces.

DC Impregneer is water-based so environmentally friendly for humans and animals (does not attack plants and bushes) and does not contaminate the soil. In addition, it saves on energy costs because façades that absorb moisture, makes the indoor climate uncomfortable and cold, so higher heating costs. Moreover, the façades remain cleaner, are easier to clean and are therefore aesthetically much more beautiful. Dc Impregneer can be used on all bricks, concrete stones, façades and roofs (roof tiles).

The façades that are treated, must be clean and dry before you start. The processing of this can take place from 5 degrees Celsius. Depending on the type of concrete, roof tiles or concrete tiles. The hardness (the suction power) determines whether it should be treated once or twice. The processing takes place by means of a low-pressure sprayer and is carried out by a certified partner company.

With 1 liter of DC Impregneer, approximately 15 square meters of façade, or roof surface can be treated. However, this is strongly dependent on the absorbency of facades and roof tile surfaces.

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